Pasture Poultry

Pasture Poultry

Pasture Poultry

Rain Crow Ranch birds are raised on grass where they receive grain and fresh water but also peck and scratch in the grass in pursuit of bugs and seeds.

This is the diet intended for poultry in an environment where they thrive.

Open hoop houses provide chickens with rest in the shade and a place to eat and drink.  They are free to roam and are not crowded.

Poultry raised on pasture is better for the chickens, better for the land and better for our customers

Contrast chickens raised in open pasture as compared to CAFO (Confined Feeding Operation) conditions which is the poultry industry norm

Industrially produced animals have undergone genetic selection to produce bigger birds with bigger breasts in a shorter time than any other farm animal.  The industrial bird reaches over 5 lbs in around 7 weeks.

But before you praise the ingenuity of modern science and its production of cheap meat, look at the cost to the animals.  This unnatural growth results in major welfare issues which includes leg problems, heart and lung disorders, unnatural continuous light, mutilations and crowding which causes stress.

This provides more insects for the birds to eat and a cleaner environment in which to sleep. It is healthier for the birds and moving to clean pasture allows them to be raised without the use of antibiotics.

Substantial evidence shows that high density industrial poultry production is causing issues of water quality, manure runoff, pathogens released into the environment, air quality, chemical pollutants and toxins.

Poultry raised on pasture actually improves the soil nutrients and naturally fertilizes without chemical contamination. Our birds are raised without antibiotics, never receive hormones and never receive drugs.

Our birds are free of arsenic which is fed to industrial poultry in trace amounts in their feed.  This poison stimulates their appetites but leaves trace amounts in the meat.  Pasture poultry has more omega-3 fatty acids than industrial meat.  At the same time it is higher in vitamin E, C and beta-carotene.  The meat is processed without heavily chlorinated water that leaves a residue.

Rotated on pasture the poultry is healthier as the go to clean pasture daily leaving behind any pathogens or parasites.

Healthier chickens are also healthier for you. Pasture poultry also does not contribute to antibiotic resistance.  While CAFO birds with the steady diet of sub-therapuetic antibiotics has led to and increase in “super-bugs”.  80% of all antibiotics sold in the US go into food animal production.

Our chickens and turkeys are field-grazed on pesticide-free and herbicide-free pasture.

They are fed an antibiotic-free, non-GMO ration. They grind and mix their own poultry feed using only non-GMO corn and soybeans. (Genetically Modified Organism, also known as GE, Genetically engineered.)

These birds are unbelievable. If you have tried pastured birds in the past and found them somewhat dry and stringy you have got to try these birds. If you have been on conventional confined chickens you absolutely must try the flavor of these birds!


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