Grass Fed Cattle

Grass Fed Cattle

Grass Fed Cattle

Why Grassfed?

At  Rain Crow Ranch  we often tell people that we are simple grass farmers who manage the quality chain of forages for our cattle to harvest. Raising and grazing grass is part science and part art. It is what makes our system work.

Rain Crow Ranch Grass Fed Difference

Grass fed is powered by the sun and with adequate rain and healthy soil we grow grass. We manage the grazing so the grass is at its maximum nutritional level in a pasture rotation system. It represents how the world should work.

Animals raised the way they were intended makes for healthier animals and healthier meat.

Health professionals

recommend grass fed beef because it may reduce your risk of a number of diseases including diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Nutrition and wellness providers recognize grassfed beef for being nutritionally superior. “You are what you eat”, but “You are what you eat EATS.”


prefer it for its clean, pure taste.


appreciate the sustainable agricultural practices that respect the land and form the base for the grassfed solar production model.

Why Grass Fed Is Healthier

Animal welfare advocates

favor grassfed beef because it allows for healthier animals raised with respect. Animals raised in a manner that provides the fulfillment of their natural behavioral and biological instincts – grazing and foraging on pasture.


seek grass fed beef as an alternative to the gigantic “factory farms” and feedlots in industrial beef production where animals are fed low level antibiotics, hormones, an aberrant diet and chemicals to speed gain. They are rediscovering the quality and care of products that are raised with pride on American family farms.

Grass fed is:

Better for your health,

Better for the environment,

 Better for the animals,

Better for the family farms that produce it with pride.

Rain Crow Ranch Rotational Grazing

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